Why Luma 3D Art?

Luma 3D Art offers high quality products for individual clients. We don't require large quantity orders, so you can order your very own and unique 3D artwork and have an amazing visual experience right at home. We also have an easy and quick reordering service, so if you should decide to reorder a  3D artwork we can process your order for you right away. 


If you are a reseller or an individual who would like to order multiple 3D artworks, we also offer significant discounts. Please visit the section Who Is It For? or Contact Us for more information. 

How do I get started?

Our custom 3D artwork is developed through a technology called 'Lenticular Printing' which was first introduced in the mid-1950's, although the basic idea goes back as far as the 17th century.


Here's how it works:

Lenticular Printing Technology

Luma 3D Art Magic - From your favorite moments to your Luma 3D Artwork



Learn more about lenticular printing, our process, and how to customize your 3D artwork.

Start your order now by picking your preferred size and choosing one of our 6 frame options to make your 3D artwork as unique and special as it deserves to be.

1. Send us your high resolution image file in a JPEG format (we can advise on image selection if you need help);
2. After we confirm that your images are good to go, you can select your artwork size and frame color option in our Order Form;
3. Within two weeks of your order our team will convert your image into an animated GIF file proof that will simulate the 3D experience;
4. You will then be able to approve this proof before we go ahead to create the final artwork (we will wait for your approval first);
5. Your final 3D artwork will be delivered within 4-6 weeks (within the US).

Step-By-Step Process

All we need is a fairly high resolution JPEG file of your image or photograph. If you have a physical photograph you can simply scan it and send us the file. No matter if color, black-and-white or however old your original image is, we can make your favorite shot into an amazing 3D artwork !

Start your order now by picking your preferred size and choose one of our 6 frame options to make your 3D artwork as unique and special as it deserves to be.